Simunye is a phenomenal educare centre situated in the Better Life Community in Philippi, Cape Town.

the current situation

In 2008, Nosipiwo Beatrice Nomana was a nurse working on night shift in a hospital in Philippi. Children from the street that Nosiphiwo is living in had been left to fend for themselves during the day amidst the dirt and dangers of the township, so Nosiphiwo took the children in from the street to her home. Soon she was able to provide the children with a daily meal. Most parents were unable to contribute financially to the care their children were receiving. At the beginning of 2009, along with all shacks in the area, the crèche was bulldozed and flattened. Nosipiwo moved to another informal area in the Khayelitsha township where she and her team are currently looking after 16 children aged 2 to 5 years in a loving atmosphere. She still relies on the few low school fees to provide a shelter, daily meals and small salaries. Since March 2008, Simunye has been supported by various individuals. Birgit Maringer, a retired German teacher living in Cape Town, has supported Simunye from 2008 until the end of 2012 with advice, practical input, and money donated by friends and others in Germany.

The pre-school has relocated a number of times due to municipal rezoning plans, however Nosipiwo has never been deterred by these set-backs and arranged a temporary facility in Philippi, which is about 5 km away, on a vacant site within her home community. Here she is planning a new beginning.


2011-New-Equipment-2 2011-New-Equipment

In 2011 Simunye received a brand new donation from Christian Fuchs and many of his friends from Germany. The donation covered all new equipment and toys. The school was now equipped with tables and chairs, shelves and new toys. The children and teachers were delighted.


2012-New-Toys-2 2012-New-toys 2012-Christmas-Party 2012-Food-

In 2012 Simunye was generously supported by Amazing Spaces. The support provided Simunye with food for a year, as well as educational toys that made learning at Simunye even more fun and exciting.

Amazing Spaces have been so incredibly wonderful to Simunye by hosting a Christmas Party every year.

Thank you to all the above donors and supporters of Simunye Educare. The love and care you have shown is phenomenal.


Looking for support

The dream:

The Anton Lubowski Educational Trust is engaing with the school, (by request from Nosipiwo) to assist Nosipiwo in developing the school to be a community centre and a school that educates the children in such a way that they are ready for going to Grade 1. The Trust is dealing with land ownership issues and sourcing funding to build a new school building based on the innovative educational concept that the Trust and Simunye envision.