Imizamo Yethu

Nomakhaya Matshaya moved to Cape Town in 1999 from the Eastern Cape. After working at a few places and after the birth of her last born, she separated from her husband and moved to Lower Crossroads. Lower Crossroads is a township just outside of Cape Town. In 2002 she bought herself a little house in Vukuzenzele, which was a housing project initiated by the Umzi Craft Village PTY LTD on a old chicken farm. In 2003 she saw the need that so many children in the area are on the street and do not have a safe place to go to when their parents go to work. She started looking after 6 children in her home. This has now grown tremendously, as she is the only crèche in Vukuzenzele.

Currently there are 80 children at Imizamo Yethu Educare Centre. The school employs four staff members. Nomakhaya is the principal. Out of the 5 ladies, 1 of the teachers, Babalwa, is training to be qualified in Early Childhood Development (ECD). Nomakhaya has done a brief management committee course where she obtained some training. Nomakhaya does most of the admin work and Babalwa looks after the older children. Nokulunga and Enthle look after the younger children and Busisiwe is employed as the cook.

Vision: Nomakhaya’s vision is to be the best educare center in the area. She still really wants to grow the crèche and would love to build a good school somewhere close by.

In 2010


Nomakhaya extended the school to make space for more children that required access to a safe and warm school.

In 2011 and 2012

2011(2) 2011 2011-Making-christmas-cards

Many activities took place to give children stimulation and provide fun

In 2012


Nomakhaya’s house was extended again so that she could have her own private house upstairs and conduct school activities on the ground floor. This was made possible by Design Space Africa.

The Anton Lubowski Educational Trust assisted Imizamo Yethu educare to get registered with the Department of Social Development. Due to land zoning issues it took 3 years. Imizamo Yethu received their registration certificate in October 2012. Currently the principal donors and the Trust have been working on purchasing a piece of land to fulfill on Nomakhaya’s dream and vision.

Partners and Donors:

The principal donors of the school are an incredibly generous couple Tony and Yvonne Grubenmann. They have supported the project in a number of ways since early 2007. To find out more about them you can visit their website:

The Anton Lubowski Educational Trusts involvement: Assisting with basic administrative tasks, finances and budget planning. The Anton Lubowski Educational Trust is currently negotiating buying a piece of land in order to build a community centre that will incubate all three areas the trust envisions working in. Together we have held numerous parent meetings and started building up the communities trust. Trust amongst each other and in the organization and principal donors. We have worked extensively on registering the school in order to receive the Social Development Grant from the government.