In August 2011 Understand Hope and Care received their first temporary structure due to the generous donations of Landis & Gyr, Heinz Guetensperger, and Roots & Wings Trust. The above stakeholders hired the Anton Lubowski Educational Trust to project manage the implementation of the building process.

This visual representation intends to give a visual description of the progress that has been made at Understand Hope and Care in the past few years.

Progress and development that would not have been possible without Landis & Gyr and the Roots & Wings Trust. Thank you for all your hard work, generousity and mostly care.

The school still requires intervention with regard to educational input. The children are not receiving enough stimulation and the cycle of African children in South Africa not being competent at school perpetuates itself. It is vitally important.

The developments and growths that pre-school have undergone are phenomenal.

Where we came from in 2009:

old_school old_school_toilets 100_0947

In 2011 we completed phase 1:

Khayelitsha-20111219-00108 Khayelitsha-20111219-00109

Where we are now… 2013

new_school new_jungle-gym IMG_2306

The infrastructure component is complete, and the school looks fabulous. It was designed with all the funders requirements, while bearing the children’s needs and safety in mind. The school currently provides children with safety, however they also need stimulation and opportunities for educational input that will give them joy, provide learning and develop them further. Due to our history we have a crisis in our education system today; a backlog of children that do not have access to school, and even when they do it is of a poor standard. If we start at the beginning of a child’s life, we can make a difference.

With great joy we can say that children in this particular area in Khayelitsha, Site C receive an care and guidance from teachers that genuinely care for the children’s well-being and growth.

The next phase of the project is to guide the teachers in their development of being able to stimulate the children in the most effective way in addressing their educational, emotional, and cognitive needs.